Bei Maejor x Fli Pelican = Upside Down Tee

Just in case you thought Bei couldn’t get even more MAEJOR, here’s a first look at the official Upside Down tee, made in collaboration with Fli Pelican. As of right now, if you’re looking to get your hands on this shirt, the only way to get one is from Bei Maejor directly. Hit him up on twitter @BeiMaejor and figure out how….

4 Comments to “Bei Maejor x Fli Pelican = Upside Down Tee”

  1. Shofi says:

    Where can I buy these t shirts from

  2. Warren says:

    Hey please could i get one of these t shirts? i have started an upside down picture craze on facebook… I now have 28 people with an upside down pic…. Im begging to get one of these t shirts bro!!!x

  3. […] few months ago, Bei Maejor collaborated with Fli Pelican Clothing to create his Upside Down t-shirt… Its safe to say that the collaboration didn’t end there, because she’s featured […]

  4. Thamanaaaa says:

    WHERE CAN I BUT MAEJOR’S TOP FROM?!!! I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))

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